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Sunday night we boarded a 22-hour bus to Bariloche in the Argentine Lakes District. The bus ride was pretty much uneventful, except when the inspector threw out our fruit at a checkpoint. The bus was pretty comfortable and one of the four movies was in English with Spanish subtitles, yay!

We seemed to travel forever through the Pampas, the dry grasslands, looking at occasional cows and saw our first alpacas.

Arriving in Bariloche we decided to board the city bus to our campground but then missed our stop by 1.5 km because the bus was so crowded that we couldn´t fight our way to the exit. So we walked back along the dusty road, sweating and wishing that we had sat by the exit door. So far we´ve learned two lessons when travelling:

    Confirm all reservations by telephone regardless of Spanish-speaking ability.
    Always have exact change when boarding a bus and always sit by the door.

Bariloche has been pretty nice. It was settled by German immigrants in the late 20th century and so has many chocolaterias.... mmm... Perhaps the greatest contribution by immigrants to Argentina is the amazing helato (gelato) brought over by the Italians. I´m on a two cone per day diet, but trying to cut back at Eden´s advice.

Tomorrow we´re going for a 10km ¨to the limit¨white water rafting trip. The easier trip had a picture of kids on the brochure, and I didn´t want to go on a trip that kids could handle.

We enjoy hearing from everyone so keep the e-mails coming. News about relationships, the weather, and Stephen Harper are all appreciated.

Here´s a map of our travels so far.


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Arrival in Buenos Aires

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Hello, good to see that you´ve found our virtual home for the next year. Eden and I arrived safely in Buenos Aires Friday after a very long flight with a stressful 45 minute layover in Atlanta. Upon arriving in BA we decided to save as many pesos as possible by taking the city bus to our hostel. Unfortunately, we didn´t know how the system worked but a nice local made change for us and showed us how to use the machine. The bus became very crowded over the next two hours but only cost 2.5 pesos (less than $1) while the shuttle bus was around $13 each.

Exhausted and sweaty, we arrived at the hostel we had booked online only to find out that they had given away our room because we didn´t call to confirm, even though we had paid a deposit and the online booking form from lonelyplanet.com didn´t say anything about calling to confirm. So they refunded the deposit and arranged us a bed at another hostel down the street. This was fine, after all it was for only two days, but we got the noisy room by the front desk and then the water didn´t work for the first day. Great start, eh?

So we walked around the city for the first two days, nice place, bought our bus tickets, and then tried with some difficulty to get cash. My PC Financial card has a $100 limit on it for some reason and my BMO wasn´t working at all! On the second day we were able to find a Citibank where Eden was able to get out a good chunk of cash from her BMO, yay!

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